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Our research are carried out as part of our own two projects that received funding under the Regional Operational Program – Lubuskie 2020; Priority Axis 1 „Economy and Innovation”; Operation 1.1. „Research and innovation”.

  • Developement of innovative technology in production of „Perfect Colostrum” for calves and „Colostrum diet suplement” for people – standarized preparation from bovine colostrum and evaluation of their biological activity, in the town of Łagodzin.
  • Developement of innovative technology in production of diet suplements based on fractionated whey proteins obtained from bovine colostrum – COLOSTRUM Pro and the production of after colostrum milk replacer for calves with indigestion and diarrhea – VITAL milk, in the town of Sulechów”
  • The use of ColostrumPR in the initial stages of depression, based on the cytokine theory of stress. The study was carried out with the Para Familia Psychiatry Institute in Gorzów Wlkp.

Own, non-project research.

  • Use of Colostrum PET in inflammation and reduced immunity in dogs and cats. The study is carried out jointly with selected veterinary clinics.
  • Regeneration processes stimulation and reconstruction of skin tissue in humans as a result of the use of Colostrum pro Skin products. The study is carried out jointly with selected beauty salons.

Colostrum PRP product research.

  • Determination of the content of IgG, IGF1, LFR, LIZ, alpha LA.
  • Colostrum gastrointestinal digestion.
  • Simulation of intestinal transport of the preparation through the epithelium in the CaCo 2 model.

Analytical research.

  • Development of an analytical method for the quantitative determination of PRP.